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May 2009



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a little mad

"I Can't Stay Much Longer, Riding My Decision Home"

Ahh, there's nothing like knowing you should go to sleep, but ignoring your brain and staying up 3 hours later than you wanted to. It's 1:30am. So normal, I guess. I have the weirdest sleep patterns now.

So tomorrow I get to fly to Florida for the PSA International Conference. It's basically a three-day school for skating coaches. Should be fun, since I've never been to Florida, but then again, most of my time will be spent inside listening to people talk. Or, if I'm really lucky, we'll be standing in a freezing cold ice arena listening to people talk.

Did you catch the sarcasm? Oh, good.

All in all, it should be a good time. At least most of the things they will be talking about I find interesting. I'm always amazed when people find a better, easier way to do things in skating. Plus, we get wednesday all to ourselves. I guess my coach, who I'm going with, has some connection to some higher-up at Universal (try sister's husband's brother's girlfriend's father. A literal 6 degrees of separation), so we have V.I.P passes to Universal Studios. We get in for free, go to the front of every line, and some other stuff. I've never been V.I.P anything, so this should be fun. I swear it won't go to my head.

On a side note, maybe I should employ my brother as my butler...

I'll miss everyone around here. I know it's only until monday, but it's so weird now to go more than 2 days without seeing Karsten or Neil or Jess.They've been around so much lately. I think it's keeping me from going stir crazy at work. I guess I never really noticed how much time I really spent with my friends until I came back home. It was almost every day, and for hours. I've really had time to realize how much I appreciate them. I mean, even if I'm angry or annoyed with them, I know that in time we'll be back to laughing and hanging out. That's just how much I love some of the people I know. I've become more forgiving, I think. Even if I say I won't forgive a person, usually now it's just me trying to act tough. I'll do it. I don't have the energy to hold grudges anymore. Some things are just more important.

Well, there's always a bright side. I'm glad I have people that I'm comfortable enough with that I can just be myself around them. I don't have to hold back and worry about being the person they want me to be. I'm too much of a happy person to be depressed, but I can be so unnecessarily happy sometimes, and I put on this act so no one thinks anything is wrong. I'm glad I can drop that act around people now. I can only imagine that the crying in public is going to start next. Not that I'm much of a crier.


Aw, who am I going to make fun of for a week?

Kidding (mostly). Hope you have fun. If you ever feel like talking about anything, feel free to direct it this way. I'm a good listener. And it's not like I'm ever actually doing anything.
You just have to let your feelings out, and hope your lovely flist will listen :)

you skate?! :O that's awesome,
florida @_@, haha, i'm sure it'll be okayy :)
seriously. bitch.

Hurry back already.