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May 2009



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Christmas craziness

So, umm, this year's Christmas was... interesting. I got money. And some more money. And a gas card. Which is good, because now i don't have to bother with taking anything back, and I can use it on pretty much anything I want (external hard drive, new clothes, video camera, or you know, saving it for my future *notlikely*)

But my family (which is... also interesting) was in top form today. My mom is still the Grinch, and was irritable and crazy today. No different than any other holiday, I guess. Oh, and my grandma called me fat. And MEANT IT. Not really in so many words, but she did say I should find a "walking buddy", and when I asked her why, she said, "Well, you have put on a bit of weight since you stopped skating..." Let's just say, I was not happy about that AT all. So for the rest of the day any time I said anything to her it was a pun about my weight. I swear, my grandma has a level of bitchiness that some people ASPIRE to.

All in all, good-ish day. Amusing, at least.


Ouch. That almost makes me feel bad (almost). You're definitely not fat. She probably just couldn't see past your ass.

Yay for money!
My mum called me fat too! :D Except it wasn't to my face, she was just talking on the phone right next to me while I was making mashed potatoes and she said loudly, "Oh yeah, Carina's gained weight. It doesn't always seem like it because she's so short but you can definitely see her belly sticking out everywhere." Ahh, the joys of family.
I'm sorry. I know how that kind of stuff goes. I've had conversations like that with my dad before, where he's told me that i dress trashy or that i've developed "love handles". And you really don't know what to say to it because they're family and you can't quite believe that just said something so insensitive... meh.

I wish I could have shared a bit of my holiday with you guys back home. It was nice and low-key here, for the most part. And it's so much nicer to just call your family for christmas.

But at least you got good christmas loot. ^_^